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CFP receives Point of Life Award!

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Canadian Federation of Poets 'Poet of the Year' award

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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation on-line forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

  • Cheryl Neill - Montreal, QC
  • Aderemi Adegbite - Lagos, Nigeria
  • Heather Marie Corteling - Mississauga, ON
  • Lynn Tait - Sarnia, ON
  • Lori A May - London, ON
  • Tamieka Evans - Etobicoke, ON
  • Lynette Evans - Etobicoke, ON
  • Debra M. Kraft - Canton, MI USA

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    CFP Poet of the Year Award Winner

    The winner of this years Canadian Federation of Poets - Poet of the Year award - goes to George Arnold. Congratulations George and a well deserved accolade.


    Poetry Canada magazine

    We have made submitting even easier to Poetry Canada magazine. For participants on the Canadian Federation of Poets - Poets Paradise Forum - it's as easy as posting your poetry like you always do, adding a PCC (Poetry Canada Candidate) tag at the bottom and we will poll this forum along with our email submissions for each editions entries. It's a free forum for anyone! Visitors can continue to share, critique, or enjoy your work, while you get the opportunity to be considered for Canada's newest poetry magazine.
    Visit the forum area and submit your work today! -- Remember to register.

    Poetry Canada magazine starting at just $20


    Thanks to everyone who submitted to the First Canadian Federation of Poets Anthology. Of the many submissions we have received the following members work has been selected by the Editor Stacey Lynn Newman. If you have sent your work in, and your name isn't here, please contact Stacey To everyone else, you have until April 30th to get your work in - be sure you do!!

  • Michael Levy
  • Holly Cadrin
  • Peter Austin
  • Carol Mackay
  • Regis Auffray
  • Ruth Walker
  • Richard Vallance


    Member Feedback

  • Donna Thompson, CFP member - "Writers respond well to encouraging voices, your voice is a blessing -Thank You."
  • Richard Vallance - CFP member - "Tracy Repchuk, President of the Canadian Federation of Poets, has always struck me as a hard-working editor and publisher, whose devotion to the art of poetry and also of photography is second to none. Tracy makes a special effort to publish quality poetry, and this includes in Poetry Canada. I can only hope I will be able to return to Tracy something similar to the several signal honours she has bestowed on other poets, including myself."
  • Honoria Groves - CFP member - "Tracy, we are blessed to have you because any organization is only as great as its leader! You are such an inspiration to us all and make it possible for us to share our thoughts and feelings with others, which brings us great satisfaction. Thanks so much."
  • Nancy V. Bennett - CFP member - "It is nice to find a home for poetry, a moment to pause and linger. Canada has a vast amount of talented writers of verse. Here is where we gather to exchange ideals, offer comradeship and pave the way for new generations."

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    If you are a CFP member, or member of a CFP Affiliate Organization then submit your events to the calendar coordinator Marylin Houle. It's a great way to easily increase attendance.
  • Well I am certainly glad poetry month has finally arrived, as it is a time when everyone does what they can for the sake of thier craft. What I am asking though is we continue this for the remainder of the year, and years to come. The Canadian Federation of Poets wants to return poetry to its prominent status, so if you have any ideas, or want to start a Federation in your area, let me know!

    It is our mission to resurrect poetry, and with your help, together we can make it happen. TLR

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.
    Tracy Lynn Repchuk President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets

    CFP receives Point of Life Award

    Michael Levy, founder of the Point of Life Foundation, announced the Canadian Federation of Poets was receiving this honour for its outstanding work in the promotion of poets, poetry and advancement of the craft on a world wide scale.

    The Point of Life Foundation is a non profit organization established to provide education to the general public and to support research into better understanding spirituality and the purpose of life. By bringing together the positive forces from science, medicine, philosophy and religion the Point of Life Foundation promotes a holistic approach to enabling people to better understand the forces affecting their lives and thereby enabling individuals to manage those forces to bring them peace, serenity, freedom and enjoyment.

    It is the mission of the Canadian Federation of Poets to unite people in the global promotion of poets and poetry, which adds to the betterment of our lives. With this recognition coming from a US based National Heritage Foundation affiliate, it really showed to us that our goals of uniting the world with poetry and the spoken word have begun. It was a huge surprise, and greatly appreciated. We hope that all of the poets and organizations that affiliate themselves with the Canadian Federation share in our success, and we thank you all for your part in this.

    Find out more!


    In conjunction with the Toronto Canadian Poetry Association we are participating in a poetry swap. If you are a Canadian Federation of Poets member, please send me a poem that I will forward to the Toronto CPA, and they will read your poem at their April event so you can gain exposure to a new audience without even being there!

    This is a great opportunity for us to also hear their members work and a change to reading our own. All Toronto CPA members will also be submitting their poetry to us through Diane Mascherin, and we will read it at our Milton and Oakville events this month!

    Send your work to ASAP. The Toronto event is April 10th!


      Sunday April 3 - 2:00pm -
      Burlington Federation Event
      The artists of the Burlington Art Centre exhibit "Essence of Place" will be available to talk about the work on display in the AIG Gallery. Join us as we gain insight for our work to be presented next week.

      Sunday April 10 - 1:30pm - Burlington
      Canadian Federation of Poets will be appearing at the Burlington Art Centre in a combined event with the "Essence of Place" exhibit. Everyone is welcome to share their poetry from the event, or simply be inspired.

      Saturday April 16, 2005 at 9pm - Orangeville Federation
      The Lyrical Coffeehouse
      232 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario

      Corin Raymond
      the enegetic singer from the folk duo The Undesriables left the crowd screaming for more when they played this Fall at the Live! at the Opera House series. “An enthusiastic perfomer writng songs with maturity and wisdom beyond his age” Carl Borgstrom, ‘Live at the Opera House’

      Evalyn Parry
      weaves toghether the poetic with the satiric in her signature combination of music and spoken-word. Winner of the 2003 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award. "Equally funny and dangerous, this is a songwriter who takes us into uncharted waters." CBC Radio

      Plus Music, Poetry and Wordsmithing

      Thursday April 21st, 2005 - 7pm Oakville Federation
      Williams Coffee Pub
      1500 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville

      Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

      Friday April 22nd at 7pm -Milton Federation event
      Espress Yourself Cafe
      220 Main St. East, Milton

      Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

      Sunday April 24 - 2:00pm - Oakville Event
      Local poets to appear at Chapters in Oakville.
      President Tracy Lynn Repchuk will be among the poets celebrating April as Poetry Month at the Chapters in Oakville, along with Elka Enola, Martin Durkin, Richard Grove, Katie Flaherty, Donna Langevin. It will be a diverse afternoon of poetry and performance.

      Check out the PDF poster: Chapters Oakville Event

      Check out all of our happenings on our on-line calendar.

      Canadian Federation of Poets

      Missing Members:
      Please send the Canadian Federation of Poets your new address, as your magazines have been returned.
    • Christine Brandt - Steinbach, Manitoba
    • Linda Dowd - Milton, ON