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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation on-line forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

New Members:
  • Girish Ananth

  • Anna Yin - Mississauga, ON
  • Aileen Calligaris - Kingston, ON

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  • Nikhil Parekh - CFP Member, India

    Congratulations to Nikhil Parekh who has won the 2006 EPPIE Award for his poems "Dance" and "Just 4 Alphabets" which appeared in the Oestara Anthology of Pagan Poetry, published by Oestara Publishing USA. This Anthology which also contains poems from several other poets across the world was declared an EPPIE winner in 2006 under the "Poetry" category, given by the (EPIC) Electronically Published Internet Connection, (one of the biggest Internationally acclaimed consortium of electronically published authors and books in the World- the voice of electronic publishing at,US)

    This year's 2006 winners list of EPPIE winners can be found here

  • April is Poetry Month, and there is still time to attend an event, and promote poetry and your work. If there isn't an event in your area, arrange with a seniors center and go there to read, or a school. Enjoy the spotlight, and have fun!

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    A Villanelle consists of 2 rhymes (A,B) and 2 repeating lines that also rhyme. It's scheme consists of either 5 tercets and one ending quatrain, or 5 three-line stanzas and one four-line stanza with 2 repeating lines (C,D). It's roots go back to Italy, but was popularized in France. Below is a Villanelle sample. To help understand the layout, I have labeled the 4 varying types of lines as A,B,C,D.

    I'm too old for this

    C My hands are too weak to climb this today
    B the corporate ladder has taken its toll
    D I'm losing my footing, don't fall I pray

    A while they climb over I have no say
    B to the top is their ultimate goal
    C my hands are too weak to climb this today

    A political games and hired guns are the way
    B circumstances diminish my role
    D I'm losing my footing, don't fall I pray

    A years have passed by and I don't want to play
    B my life and career through a hole
    C my hands are too weak to climb this today

    A fear has forsaken, a price I did pay
    B swirling and flushed in a toilet bowl
    D I'm losing my footing, don't fall I pray

    A I'm ending this act, it's too wrong to stay
    B inside I search to retrieve my soul
    C My hands are too weak to climb this today
    D I'm losing my footing, don't fall I pray

    To view this and other interesting poetry styles, check out the Education Section of the CFP website.

    Go here to post your own Villanelle


    This Friday night the following students will be awarded cash and prizes for their winning entries in this years Halton Poetry Contest.

    Senior Winners:

    1st place: Rose’s Plunge - Laura Kretschmann, Assumption
    2nd place: The Forgiving Man – Julienne Mulowayi - St. Thomas Aquinas
    3rd place: The Never Ending – Holly Madill - St. Thomas Aquinas

    Junior Winners:

    1st place: Crumpled Napkin – Alex Carrillo-Hayley – Christ the King
    2nd place: Windows, Bricks and Door - Danille Labine - St. Thomas Aquinas
    3rd place: Authentic - Karin Salk - St. Thomas Aquinas

    Congratulations to everyone who participated!


    Paul Hartal:

    Postmodern Light:

    Postmodern Light: ISBN 0-9681232-4-4, transcends the realm of love and passion. A poetic sensibility balances dreamy emotion and discerning intellect, creative vision and insightful thought. Available from Coutts Library Services and Distribution, Tel.: 1-800-263-1686, Fax 905-356-5064, E-mail: Orange Monad Editions (Montreal, San Diego), 2006, 122 pages.


  • Thursday April 20th, 2006 - 7pm
    Oakville Federation

    Contact: George Arnold
    Timothy's World Coffee
    321 Lakeshore Rd. E, Oakville,

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

  • Friday April 21st, 2006 - 7pm

    The Canadian Federation of Poets
    The Halton CFP Youth Poetry Event
    Poet of the Year presentation

    Assumption Catholic High School
    3230 Woodward Avenue, Burlington, ON

    Featuring the prize-winning youth poets from Halton and specially invited guest poets. Also including a presentation to George Arnold, CFP Poet of the Year for 2005. Come and support the writers of tomorrow, and your members.

    Door prizes and Tickets only $3

    Check out all of our happenings or get complete details on the above events from our online calendar.


    Calendar Coordinator: Kevin Craig

    If you are a CFP member, or a CFP Affiliate Organization feel free to submit your events to us. It is a great way to easily increase attendance.

    Canadian Federation of Poets