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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation on-line forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

  • Laurel Ausserer - Toronto, ON
  • Dave Waddell - Chesley, ON
  • Ljerka Susanna Lukic - Toronto, ON
  • Sandra Phinney - Yarmouth, NS
  • Ashok Chakravarthy
  • Paul Hartal - Montreal, QC
  • Flavia Cosma - Toronto, ON

  • What are you waiting for?
    Join today and look forward to an exciting year of contests, events and publishing opportunities.

    Check out this months feature poet Raymond Fenech.


    Poetry Canada magazine

    The next edition of Poetry Canada magazine is available, get your copy today!
    Starting at just $20 for a full year!

    We're seeking submissions so send up to 3 poems, plus you can enter the rhyming contest and "Save the Planet" contests too!

    Congratulations to these poets whose work was selected by our Editor: Stacey Lynn Newman to appear in the first members only Canadian Federation of Poets anthology entitled "The Future Looks Bright"

    There are a few still being considered from members who just joined, and you will be contacted directly. Almost every member submitted - and these exceptional ones were chosen.

  • Michael Levy
  • Holly Cadrin
  • Sylvia Boire
  • Peter Austin
  • Carol Mackay
  • Regis Auffray
  • Ruth Walker
  • Richard Vallance
  • Peggy Fletcher
  • Angie M. Jansen
  • Lori A. May
  • Anna Yin
  • Aileen Calligaris
  • Barbara Kahan
  • Debbie Okun Hill
  • Heidi Garnett
  • Raymond Fenech
  • Jenny Panda
  • T. Ashok Chakravarthy
  • Lynn Tait
  • Tracy Lynn Repchuk

    Pre-order your copies today. Advance copies only $15 plus shipping. This high quality, perfect bound edition will be a keepsake and a great treasure of poetry from around the world.

    Member Feedback

  • Ljerka Susanna Lukic - CFP member - "Joining the CFP has been a really great experience! In just a few days of becoming a member Tracy Repchuk did a lot for me to help promote my poetry and other work. The CFP web site looks nice and professional. Tracy and the CFP are supporting poets at the highest level for a nominal fee. We are blessed!
    It will be my pleasure to recommend the Canadian Federation of Poets to other authors both in Canada and abroad. Thank you for your efforts and results!"

    Read more AND submit yours!


    If you are a CFP member, or member of a CFP Affiliate Organization feel free to submit your events to us. It is a great way to easily increase attendance.
  • Wow are these months just flying by. My favourite season is summer, and it seems to come and go with ferocity. The selection of the poets for the anthology is completed, and there have been many great events going on. Be sure to participate if you have the chance, or go on-line and check out a forum and make a new friend. Remember in the Poets Paradise forum you can post your poetry for automatic consideration by Poetry Canada magazine. Making it easier for you to succeed.

    If you have any ideas, questions, or want to start a Federation in your area, let me know!

    Send me an email.
    Tracy Lynn Repchuk President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets


    It has quickly become a Federation favourite, and that is appearing quarterly at the Burlington Art Centre to share our interpretations of the latest gallery exhibition, and this month will be no different.

    (Shands, mixed media on masonite, 18"x24", 2003: Elizabeth Barrett Milner)
    This month we have the added benefit of commenting on 2 exhibits - Elizabeth Barrett Milner and Clive Tucker - who has decorated the outside courtyard with ceramic pollinators from 3 major categories - European honeybees, native bees and robotic pollinators. There is much for us to write about.

    Be sure to go to the Burlington Art Centre anytime during their normal operating hours, and check out both exhibits. And then we will be presenting our poetry on Sunday August 7th, at 3:00pm, directly after the artists talk at 2:00pm. For anyone who has attended an artists talk, you will know that we will have a great audience to present to. A poets dream come true!

    So I hope you will take the time to enjoy the exhibits, write about them, and come out to share your work in the gallery and courtyard. It is a wonderful experience to listen to the diverse interpretations of the art and sculptures, and to share it directly with the artists.

    Directions and BAC Details


    Tuesday August 2nd, 2005 - 7pm - 9pm
    Oakville Federation Workshop Night

    George Arnold
    Timothy's Coffee Shop
    Oakville, Ontario

    New Event: In addition to the monthly poetry night where you can present your work and enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere of camaraderie, every first Tuesday of the month this group will also meet to workshop and critique. Join this dynamic group and listen, learn and grow.

    Sunday August 7th, 2005 - 3:00pm
    Burlington Federation Event

    Poetry at the Burlington Art Centre. Visit the Gallery between July 9th and August 6th to view and write about the work of Elizabeth Barrett-Milner and then join us on August 7th at 2:00pm for the artists talk, and 3:00pm for the sharing of poets impression of the exhibit. It will be a diverse afternoon of art and poetry.

  • Thursday August 18th, 2005 - 7pm
    Oakville Federation

    Contact: George Arnold
    Williams Coffee Pub
    1500 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

  • Friday August 26th, 2005 at 7pm
    Milton Federation event
    Contact: Jenny Panda
    Espress Yourself Cafe
    220 Main St. East, Milton

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

    Check out all of our happenings on our on-line calendar.

    • Canadian Federation of Poets


      If you love to help, especially when it's a good cause, we need 2 positions filled ASAP, as we are growing quickly. If you have some time you can devote to the betterment of society, these are fun and easy things to do.

    • Calendar Coordinator - This person would be responsible for posting member, Federation and Affiliate events on the website calendar. You would be sent the information, you just need to fill it in. There are about 8-10 postings per month, and most of these are recurring.

    • Education Director - This person would be responsible for monitoring the Education Forum and informing the CFP of poets who have completed lessons and which ones so that we will know who is eligible to receive "CFP Poetry Certification" upon completion of the 52 week program.
      Recipients will receive a certificate, and will be posted on the website as a CFP Certified Poet. The lessons are fun, educational and help to produce a well-rounded poet with confidence, diversity, and flexibility.

      If you are interested, please let us know.

      Wonder what other positions we need, check out our complete list.
      Missing Members:
      Please send the Canadian Federation of Poets your new address, as your magazines have been returned.
    • Peter Gilchrist - Edmonton, Alberta