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New Members:
  • Amir Hasham - North Vancouver, BC

  • Norma West Linder
  • Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews
  • Barbara Kahan
  • Richard Masterton
  • Mark Clement

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    Poetry Canada magazine

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  • 2006 Book Survey Results are in and if you have a book - this is something you should know!
  • Spirit of Youth Contest Winner poetry
  • Poetry by: Kevin Regalbuto, Sir Earice, JL Burbidge, Richard Fry, Johanna Skibsrud, KC Wilder, Magdalena Ball, Laura Murray, Richard Fein
  • Poets' Marketplace
  • Rhyming contest winner: Michelle F Cooper
  • Global village contest winner: Janet Harvey
  • Poetry, art, photography, and culture
  • Cover page by Metin Berektli

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  • NEW! The Way to Happiness and
  • Rhyming Poetry; where the winner of each will appear in Poetry Canada magazine and get a free copy! Call now open.


    The Compulsive Reader

    This Australian based website offers book reviews by some of the hottest writers working today, exclusive author interviews, literary news and criticism, a free ezine, and tons of book giveaways.

    It's a haven for book lovers. Check it out!

    Another month has arrived, and another new opportunity for us to write. A new palette where we can hang our ideas. Heat, hot, beaches, sounds, smells, tank-tops and Ts; it is so fun to approach it ready to write about what each month brings for us. For me - I had three kids all born in June - so it becomes Birthday parties, chaos, screaming girls and high-pitched glee, wrapping and cake. Then add to it my Wedding Anniversary and Father's Day, and we have a month that turns into one long party. So, enjoy the new month, and have a look at what "June" is for you, and let us know on the forum.

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    Tracy Lynn Repchuk
    President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets


    In 2006, the Canadian Federation of Poets undertook a survey that would help to determine the book purchasing landscape in order to provide poets and organizations insight as to what can be done to improve it.

    The complete article is in the next edition of Poetry Canada magazine, but here are a few highlights>:
  • How often do you buy poetry books?
      39.4% - last week
      26.2% - last month
      14.75% - 6 months ago
      14.75% - A year ago
      4.95% - never
    Where do you fit in? All I can recommend from this is we have a great percentage (65.6%) buying quite often, so if we aren't in those category, we need to change ourselves, and encourage the 6-12 month purchasers to buy a little more often.

  • What is the price you would pay?
      59.2% - $10
      32.7% - $15
      4.9% - Free
      3.2$ - $5
    This is a very good indicator for the success of your book. Respondents stated that if it was $15, it should have illustrations, photography, something that makes it very unique. I was surprised at the free option, especially since those people also had books they were trying to sell. Talk about putting a value on your own work. So it looks like $10 for a poetry book, $15 if you have additional media, and $5 for a small chapbook, around 30 pages.

    Other questions asked about were content, author familiarity, whether they also had their own book, where are books getting purchased from, and gift giving.

    For the complete results, check out your copy of Poetry Canada magazine.


    Nikhil Parekh:
    Kavye and 55 others
    Nikil Parekh is an Indian based poet, who has over 55 books in print, a world-record for poetry and is a humanitarian with his words.

    His books range from $5.33 to $400, and each has its own message and value to society.

    It is worth checking out his link, his books, and purchasing the one that speaks to you.

    Available in both download and print format.

    Purchase your copy today!

    Advertise your book here for just $25 or $10 if you are a CFP member.

    Shows you should check out:

    Toronto Small Press Book Fair - June 3rd

    Ottawa Small Press Book Fair - June 17th


  • Thursday June 15th, 2006 - 7pm
    Oakville Federation

    Contact: George Arnold
    Timothy's World Coffee
    321 Lakeshore Rd. E, Oakville,

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

    Check out all of our happenings or get complete details on the above events from our online calendar.


    Calendar Coordinator: Kevin Craig

    If you are a CFP member, or a CFP Affiliate Organization feel free to submit your events to us. It is a great way to easily increase attendance.

    Canadian Federation of Poets