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New Members:
  • Ellyn Peirson - Guelph, ON
  • Diego Bastianutti - Burnaby, BC

  • Paul Hartal
  • J. Graham Ducker
  • Flavia Cosma

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    Check out this months feature poet Richard Masterton.


    Poetry Canada magazine

    George Hannye, Greater Knoxville, Tennessee, SCORE Chapter Volunteer

    "I counsel prisoners free of charge on how to start a business. After receiving forty rejections for the one prisoner poet, who was my client, I was pleased when Tracy Repchuk, Editor of Poetry Canada magazine, indicated one of his poems MIGHT be published in Poetry Canada.

    After many three way communications, thanks to the efforts of Tracy, his poem was published. I believe what the poet wrote BEFORE the acceptance says a lot: “To be even considered for publication is a reward in itself due to the position in which I sit. Actually to be in print will be overwhelming.”

    I have a suspicion that EVERY inmate in the Whiteville Correctional Facility will be reading my client’s poem in Poetry Canada. To my prisoner poet/client, I am the hero, but without Tracy, I wouldn’t be one. Thanks."

    Check out the current contests:
  • NEW! The Way to Happiness and
  • Rhyming Poetry; where the winner of each will appear in Poetry Canada magazine and get a free copy! Call now open.


    Are you a lover or writer of sonnets? Then you should be checking out Sonnetta Poesia, the world's only poetry quarterly devoted exclusively to the sonnet and related poetry genres.

    If you would like to submit sonnets you can go to: Sonnetto Poesia or contact the editor Richard Vallance at:
    Sonnetto Poesia ISSN 1705-4524

    I had the opportunity a few month's back to judge a youth poetry contest. As I read the poetry, I was astounded at the gut wrenching tragedy, and horror these teens have already faced. I was so glad to see them writing it down, and expressing it in a manner that would help them cope with life. One poet felt responsible for his brother's death, another felt they shouldn't have lived in an accident, another was a complete outcast and terrorized at school, and in life. The book created from this effort is called Inspirations and I was proud to be a part of it, and it can be purchased through the Brampton Library.

    If you can help a youth to express their words, by teaching them how to write poetry, and some of the basics of grammar and punctuation, or doing a poetry talk at a high school, or with the help of the Canadian Federation of Poets, holding a contest so that the youth of today know that they can turn to us for help, guidance, and understanding - I think we'll see a big difference not only in them, but in the betterment of our culture and society.

    Ready to join the CFP and help yourself and others too? Check out the benefits and join. A free subscription to Poetry Canada magazine and over 20 other benefits, to help you really get your money's worth.

    Tracy Lynn Repchuk
    President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets


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    The art of selling a book is just as critical as the book itself.

    Take a look at the newest feature book by Lorna J. Knox, a UK poet who is making her publishing dreams come true.

    Two Tales of Mystery

    A psychological haunting drama - two short stories combined into one volume to create a delightful mystery novella with two seriously twisted endings.

    Warm and caring, shadowed and uplifting and haunting.
    ISBN: 1-4137-5308-6, 48 pages, 6 x 9

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    Bonita Summers:

    Woman with the Flying Mind
    Woman with the Flying Mind" chronicles my experiences with overcoming abuse, illustrating how life's difficult moments can be the ones from which we learn the most about ourselves.

    A blend of topical humour, social commentary, and spiritual awakening, "Woman with the Flying Mind" is sure to resonate within the hearts of its readers.

    To order email:

    $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling

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    She will also be available for book signing from June 29th to July 1st at the Fanfayr Arts and Crafts Show- 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Sat. to 5 p.m.) at Confederation Park at City Hall in Kingston, Ontario

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  • Tuesday July 4th, 2006 - 7pm
    Oakville workshop and critiquing poetry event
    Contact: George Arnold for details and an invitation.

  • Thursday July 20th, 2006 - 7pm
    Oakville Federation

    Contact: George Arnold
    Timothy's World Coffee
    321 Lakeshore Rd. E, Oakville,

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

    Check out all of our happenings or get complete details on the above events from our online calendar.


    Calendar Coordinator: Kevin Craig

    If you are a CFP member, or a CFP Affiliate Organization feel free to submit your events to us. It is a great way to easily increase attendance.

    Canadian Federation of Poets