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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation on-line forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

  • Pam Murray - Maple Ridge, BC
  • Diana Stokes - Coleman, Alberta
  • Richard Masterton - Kirkland, Quebec
  • Liam - Welland, Ontario
  • Barbara Kahan - Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Dorine Danis Carter - Kirkland Lake, Ontario
  • John B. Lee - poet laureate of Brantford, ON
  • Valdeck Almeida de Jesus - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • Josie Di Sciascio Andrews - Oakville, ON
  • Anna Yin - Mississauga, ON
  • Evan Grainger - Orleans, ON
  • Aileen E. Calligaris - Kingston, ON
  • Norma West Linder - Sarnia, ON

    What are you waiting for?
    Join today and look forward to an exciting year of contests, events and publishing opportunities.

    Check out this months feature poet Peter Gilchrist.


    You are invited to the presentation of the CFP Youth Poet Awards

    In Celebration of today's Young Poets of Halton!

    St Ignatius High School
    Upper Middle Road, Oakville (At Fourth Line)

    Friday, 13th May 2005 - 7.30pm

    First Prize ($100), Second Prize ($50) Third Prize ($25)
    To be awarded to the most outstanding poet in each category

    Sponsored by: Revolution Music, Roxbury Restaurant, Angel's Diner, Hypertech Automotive, Stoney's Bread Company

    Each category winner will share their creation

    Guest Poets include :
    Klyde Brooks, C.J. Martin, Tracy Lynn Repchuk.
    Door Prizes
    Tickets Only $3.00

    For information or to book tickets call: George at (905) 220-2226.
    Come on out and support our youth!


      Deadline Approaching!
      A reminder - Canadian Federation of Poets members you have until May 31st, 2005. If you have already been accepted to the anthology, Stacey Lynn Newman - Editor, will have sent you an email. If you have not heard back, you are free to resubmit new entries to

      Good luck to everyone!

      Anthology Details

    Member Feedback

  • Richard Grove - CFP member - "Thanks so much for the Canadian Federation of Poets. I know it is a lot of work as the founding President but your major contribution has its fruits. Our federation website is beautiful and always up to date, our monthly newsletters always have pertinent and interesting information and Poetry Canada Magazine is growing into being a fine literary contribution to the Canadian poetry scene. Keep up the good work."

    Read more AND submit yours!


    If you are a CFP member, or member of a CFP Affiliate Organization then submit your events to the calendar coordinator Marylin Houle. It's a great way to easily increase attendance.
    Canadian Federation of Poets

  • The month of May for most of us means flowers, spring, and a smell that can only be created with new blossoms and growth. I hope this month you become inspired, and reach one of your poetry goals. Whether it is to enter a contest, submit a poem to a magazine, or finish that poem from the bottom of your drawer - just make sure you have a victory and celebrate yourself, and your writing.

    If you need help, guidance or encouragement, just let us know or join in on one of our forums and together we can make it happen. TLR

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.
    Tracy Lynn Repchuk President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets

    Top 10 ways to promote your poetry

    1. Post it at the office
    It's time to be heard everywhere. If you have a bulletin board at the office, put one up with all the other notices. Make someone's day with it. Or send it to the office newsletter. Get it read!
    2. Make your own cards or calendar
    People pay $5 for a store bought Hallmark. Cash in on some of that action, and make your own. Add a photo, or other royalty free images. At the very least you can save money.
    3. Create a chapbook
    Most people have enough poetry to fill a book. Don't wait to be published, do it yourself. Print it, staple it, add pictures, and give out as gifts, brochures, or sell them.
    4. Send it to your local paper
    Papers often need filler, and poetry should be it. If we all send often, they'll start to realize there's a demand, and use it.
    5. Submit to magazines
    You won't know if you don't try!
    6. Attend an open mic
    Attend an event and read at least once a month. Keeping your poetry to yourself won't get it out there. If there isn't any, create the opportunity, select a coffee shop or bar, and watch the closet poets come out.
    7. Snail mail a poem
    Remember the old days when you used to send a letter to a lover, spouse, friend or child. Choose someone each month, and send them a poem. Enrich them with your words.
    8. Crash a Karaoke Night
    If you have performance poetry, or a poem that could be sung, take it to the big leagues. These places are usually well attended, and they would be grateful of the 'variety'.
    9. Enter a contest
    There are many contests that don't charge a fee, and reward you in some way. Find these, and enter them. Just think of the thrill if you won, and it doesn't cost you anything!
    10. Help poetry to help you
    When you help, that comes back to you. Volunteer for an event, host a poetry party, give a free workshop, promote poetry, and this will promote you in return.


    Thanks to everyone who submitted to the Toronto poetry swap in which Canadian Federation of Poets members sent in their work to be read at a Toronto event held by the CPA. It was a fun experience, and congratulations to these members who were selected.

  • Peter Austin - Two in the Bush
  • Richard Grove - Still Rockness, Things I'm not missing about Toronto, Frozen shutter finger
  • Tracy Lynn Repchuk - The History of Man, Saber Tooth Mist
  • Nora Groves - Old Love Letters, Because I'm Old
  • Donna Thompson - untitled
  • Richard Vallance - Suppose
  • Jean Burbidge - Dad
  • Ruth Walker - That far to Recollet Falls
  • Lloyd Graham - Notes from the Dominican
  • Peter Gilchrist - The Gift

    A special thanks to those members who also read the Toronto poets work, you did a great job.

    Check out the PDF of the poems from this event.


      Thursday May 19th, 2005 - 7pm
      Oakville Federation
      Williams Coffee Pub
      1500 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville

      Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

      Friday May 27th at 7pm
      Milton Federation event
      Espress Yourself Cafe
      220 Main St. East, Milton

      Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

      Friday May 27th, 2005 at 9pm
      Orangeville Federation
      The Lyrical Coffeehouse
      232 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario

      Katherine Wheatley cultivated a passion for songwriting when she ordered a $13 guitar from the Sears Catalogue. Years later, she shares her perfected craft with others in workshops, at festivals and on stage. According to the Toronto Star, Katherine Wheatley "turns pebbles of every day life into dreamy mountains of song."

      Holmes Hooke is an award winning lyricist who has been called a "national treasure" and "one of Ireland's greatest gifts to Canada" for his "beautiful poetry and his brilliant interpretive work". Holmes' poems have been studied in schools and universities and they have been set to music and performed by more than 40 different artists

      Check out all of our happenings on our on-line calendar.


    • John B. Lee - Brantford's poet laureate just won the Eric Hill Award of Excellence in Poetry. The award is sponsored by the University of New Brunswick and the judge for the competition was Governor General winner, Erin Moure.

      Missing Members:
      Please send the Canadian Federation of Poets your new address, as your magazines have been returned.
    • Christine Brandt - Steinbach, Manitoba
    • Linda Dowd - Milton, ON