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Be sure to introduce yourself in the Federation on-line forums, and check out the member biography section to find out more about each.

  • Tamara Gorin - Vancouver, BC
  • Kevin Craig - Oshawa, ON
  • David Chirko - Sudbury, ON
  • Amir M Khan - Scarborough, ON
  • Judy Frawley - Welland, ON
  • Lois Nantais - Brigden, ON
  • Elaine Traviss - Etobicoke, ON
  • Nikhil Parekh - Gujarat, India
  • Dinnora Helpmen - Edmonton, AB
  • Rene Meshake - Guelph, ON
  • Renewals:
  • Justine Giuliani - Burlington, ON

    What are you waiting for?
    Join today and look forward to an exciting year of contests, events and publishing opportunities.

    Check out this months feature poet Paul Hartal.


    Poetry Canada magazine

    The next edition of Poetry Canada magazine is coming soon!
    This edition includes;
  • Photographer Profile Paul Sparrow
  • Cover page by Mike Grandmaison
  • Top 4 ways to Help Make it Happen by Richard Grove
  • Poetry by:
    • micheal ernest sweet
    • Anna Yin
    • Rizwan Saeed
    • Lois Nantaro
    • Okey F. Eni
    • Richard Vallance

    Starting at just $20 for a full year or included for free with your CFP membership

    We are always seeking submissions so send up to 3 poems, plus you can enter the rhyming contest and "Save the Planet" contests too!
    Remember you can post as many as want for consideration on the Canadian Federation of Poets CFPChat forum in the Poets Paradise section. Complete details are also posted in the forum.

    Help to sell your books
    Are you a Canadian Federation of Poets member and HAVE NOT gotten us details about your books or chapbooks??


    One of the largest complaints I heard from poets before I started the CFP was I have this great book and I don't know how to sell it. So if you are a member of the CFP, step one is to get us the details and we'll post it in our shop, and announce it in the newsletter. If you aren't a CFP member and need help in this area - JOIN! We're here to help!

    If you are a CFP member and have a book, and are attending the Eden Mills Writers Festival - bring 5 copies to the CFP booth and we'll display them for you. If you don't advertise or put your book on display - then it is very hard to sell them. Also - the Oakville Federation is starting to display CFP member books for sale at their meetings/open mic nights. This is exclusive to CFP members and is another avenue to help get your message out there.

    Member Feedback

  • Jean Burbidge, CFP member - "Thanks to Tracy for birthing the Canadian Federation of Poets and for constantly coming up with different ideas to share poetry. She not only has the ideas but the energy, expertise and people skills to make them happen. Poetry has become a way of life in our family and the "poetry" friends I've met through the open mikes are an inspiration and support."

    Read more AND submit yours!

  • Well September is here, my beautiful summer has gone, and it always feels like it's time to get to work. So even though we didn't take the summer off - let's kick it up a notch and get poetry on the tips of everyones tongue (doesn't that sound tasty?) We have a number of great events this month, I want everyone who is a CFP member and has a book get me the details, I want everyone who submits to this newsletter to send a poem to Poetry Canada magazine for consideration, and mostly we are all going to commit to attending at least one poetry event a month, write at least one new poem a month, and send a 'poem' letter to a friend as a birthday greeting or just to say hi. Let's educate society that everywhere you turn - THAT IS POETRY!

    If you have any ideas, questions, or want to start a Federation in your area, let me know!

    Send me an email.
    Tracy Lynn Repchuk President and Founder of the Canadian Federation of Poets


    The Canadian Federation of Poets & The Ontario Poetry Society
    invites you to join us at
    The Great Outdoors Poetry Festival
    When: Sunday September 4th, 2005

    12 pm to 5 pm
    The Burlington Art Centre
    Admission is FREE!

    Join us for a spectacular afternoon of poets from each organization as they inspire with their poetry, amidst the beautiful surroundings of the Burlington Art Centre's courtyard and art gallery.

    There will be mini workshops, lessons and then opportunities for participants to present their 'new work'.

    There will also be an open mic session where new talent can shine, and a welcome gift for anyone who attends.

    It will be an inspirational and creative afternoon.

    Plus you can take advantage of the opportunity to win some fabulous book and CD prize packs*.

    Also - participate in the Poet Potluck and bring a tasty edible for our potluck table.

    Find out more at:

    Directions and BAC Details


  • Sunday September 4th, 2005 12-5pm
    Great Outdoors Poetry Festival

    The Canadian Federation of Poets and The Ontario Poetry Society are hosting a fabulous outdoor poetry event in the Burlington Art Centre courtyard. There is a free gift for all attendees, a door prize raffle and tons of prizes to be won, in addition to the amazing poetry from both organizations which will be shared. Please RSVP if attending so we have enough gifts for everyone, and prepare the event accordingly. We have 40 confirms to date - so let's make this a great start to the first of this annual event!

  • Sunday September 11th, 2005 12-5pm
    Eden Mills Writers Festival

    Stop by our booth at the Eden Mills Writers Festival, meet myself and other poets, and for members you are welcome to drop off a few copies of your book for sale and will display them at the booth. In addition to readings, the festival also features Publishers' Way, where publishers, booksellers, magazine producers and non-profit groups showcase their wares. This is also where authors sign their books. Live music is provided between reading sets by Guelph Jazz Festival performers and delicious refreshments can be enjoyed in the tented food court. It is a wonderful afternoon of amazing talent and camaraderie.

  • Thursday September 15th, 2005 - 7pm
    Oakville Federation

    Contact: George Arnold
    Timothy's World Coffee
    321 Lakeshore Rd. E, Oakville,

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

  • Friday September 30th, 2005 at 7pm
    Milton Federation event
    Contact: Jenny Panda
    Espress Yourself Cafe
    220 Main St. East, Milton

    Open mic event where poets and performers can get together and share both poetry and short stories.

    Check out all of our happenings on our on-line calendar.


      Be sure to check out in the
      CFPShop section these new books from members. They make great gifts!

    • Love Poems by Paul Hartal
    • The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro ( or The Butterfly Kite) by Paul Hartal - $13.75
    • Flaming Angels of Spring: Poems about women by David Chirko - $10
    • Dream Visions by Ljerka Susanna Lukic - $20
    • Naked by Lori A. May - $5
    • HEARTACHE POEMS: A Brazilian Gay Man Coming Out from the Closet by Valdeck Almeida de Jesus -
    • Somewhere on the Edge of Words by D.M. Kraft - $14.95 USD
    • Tales of Glissen by Jenny Panda - $9.95

      Get complete book details at CFPShop

      New Calendar Coordinator: Kevin Craig

      If you are a CFP member, or a CFP Affiliate Organization feel free to submit your events to us. It is a great way to easily increase attendance.

    Canadian Federation of Poets