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Keeping you informed June 2004

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CFP - A family of members

Canadian Federation of Poets "Poet's Certification" program


Poetry Canada First Issue Releases
The first issue of Poetry Canada is now on-line for you to enjoy.

We hope you appreciate the poetry, photography and art that was chosen for this edition.

Poetry from Katharine Gordon, David Chirko and Deborah L. Kelly,
artwork from Jennette Czuba,
photography from Ewout Degelder,
feature article from Stacey Lynn Newman,
and a CFP Members Spotlight on Richard Grove, plus Federation updates, poetry practise and more!

Make sure you continue to submit your works as we accept anytime, and keep it on file for future editions.

Canadian Federation of Poet members will be receiving a copy at the end of the month. Just one of the benefits of being a member!

Special call: Poetry Canada is looking for poems written in another language, with an english equivalent. If you have any of these, be sure to send them in, and put "International Poem for Poetry Canada" in the subject line.

Check it out!

Greetings Canadian Federation of Poets (CFP) members, visitors and Poetry Canada Magazine supporters. We thank you for your involvement, encouragement and are looking forward to continuing to provide you with a community and opportunities to express your creativity.

  • CFP - A family of members
  • For anyone new to the Canadian Federation of Poets community, or are wondering if you should become a member, we wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about the CFP. Our mission is to unite people and organizations around the world in the global promotion of poets and poetry.

    So how are we doing so far...

  • Thanks to members like Svend Viebrock we are growing. He started an Oakville Federation, speaks at the Milton events, sent a letter to a community newspaper in praise of the CFP, has garnered 2 sponsor leads for Poetry Canada, hands out pamphlets, and as a member he gets 10% of any new members fee he brings in towards his next year renewal. Svend and other members like him won't ever have to pay again!
    Just think how much a difference you could make for everyone, by just doing even one of these things.
  • We have had 5 events in May, and have 4 scheduled for June. We don't close in the summer because writers and poets never rest!
  • We provide a free, safe community for youth poets 15 years of age and under. Our Youth Moderator Johhny K, and adult liaison Johanna Kyle O'Neill take very good care of you
  • We're growing every day in members, the web site, promotional activities, events, and in September we'll be making a call for a members anthology
  • We're listening. What do you think a poetry organization should do for you? Take our survey so that over the next year we do everything we can to help you acheive your goals

  • Your opinion matters...
  • Canadian Federation of Poets "Poet's Certification" program
  • Along with the on-line communities you can choose from, we have just added an Education Certificate program. Each week you will complete a lesson, and post the results on the forum. If you complete all 52 poetry, prose and/or writing lessons, we will send you a beautiful certificate for your wall, and provide you with the confidence to approach any type of poetry.

    Then we'll round out the course with lessons such as a 'live poetry reading', poet promotion, goals & targets and getting published to maximize the skills development of a poet. Sign up today and expand your horizons!

    Also, if you are an 'expert' on any specific type of poetry that is not yet addressed on the 'curriculum', please submit a mini lesson to us, we'd love to include it.

    Start learning more today...
    Email: or